Epoxy Adhesive

There are many brands of Epoxy Glues. Elmer's sells a product called Elmer's Probond Epoxy Glue. Epoxy glues are sold as two components that must be mixed to be used.

The information provided is general. Always refer to the use, safety and cleanup instructions included with the glue.


  • Use in well ventilated area.
  • Keep from contact with skin.
  • Work in well ventilated area.
  • Keep away from flames and sparks.


  • Water resistant
  • Solvent resistant
  • Fills gaps
  • Bonding times vary from very quick to 24 hours.


  • Some epoxies are toxic (varies by brand and product)
  • Once the two components are mixed there is a limited time that the glue is useable.
  • Some epoxies are flammable (varies by brand and product)
  • Relatively expensive when compared to other glues.


  • Remove dried glue from hands and work surfaces with Acetone. Wash hands with soap and water after cleaning with acetone.

How to use

Every epoxy glue has its own requirements but generally equal parts of the two components are mixed on a piece of wax paper. Use a toothpick to apply glue to joints. Follow manufactures recommendations for open work time, clamp time and bonding time. The same technique shown in the pictures on the Aliphatic glue page can be used for Epoxy glues.